Are Lottery Jackpots Hiding Out?

In my last article, I discussed a lottery strategy that uses a bell performance curve from several lottery features. Many of these curves are used by lottery players to increase their chances of winning the lottery jackpot. Like all my articles, I hope to inspire some answers. Yes, I understand. But, in the process, I seem to be very worried about the jackpot.

That made my day compile lottery players excited about my favorite subject. Their joy makes me happy. Controversy may not be me, on agreement, I’m happy. This is wheat for my writing factory. But, in this case, I should have stirred the honeycomb. So, for the sake of politeness, the sanitary version of their complaint looks like this:

Bell-shaped arches can be very good but lottery jackpots don’t behave like that!

Lo Contrario Me Amigo

There is no way to say it well. My lottery review was wrong and completely wrong. All who follow the distribution of this bell shape, both in theory and, very firmly, in practice! And, analyzing the lottery numbers made at each lottery will prove what I mean. I hope this makes my position on the subject clear enough for everyone.

Now, you want to support what I say. No problem If you are with me on my computer, I will open my case by playing one of my favorite games. I will start by saying something like this: “Please choose the lottery you want.” Then I will continue to use my lottery software to prove that, compilation comes to the lottery jackpot, I have money.

That will happen. First, you will choose the lottery you choose. Second, you will choose the characteristics that interest you. Next, I will display a bell-shaped curve of performance characteristics. This will be an example of one of the graphs that some of you added. Finally, I will show you the same graph that saw what actually happened with the jackpot jackpot number that actually won.

For example, say you choose Lotto Florida. In short, you will see the perspective curve for the last 372 images (more than 3 and a half years). Then I will show you the same curve of the winning lottery jackpot number. Surprise surprise; bell shape curve. What happened during 372 historical images is what the theory predicted. In this case, the second graph will be like a hand and gloves.

Surprised? Don’t believe, agree. Do you think this is some kind of living room game? Or are you really not impressed and have decided to restore you and stick to your weapon. However, this can be an anomaly. We will try again. OK, you choose.

In this round, you choose the Mega Millions lottery. Again, I show original and real graphics from the last 372 images. Surprise! Again, the graph is the same.

Jackpot Lottery

You still don’t believe what you see? There is no OK, please and select the lottery again. Then, the New York lottery. Well, what do you know. Graph accordingly. The jackpot lottery results will always match the predictions of the distribution of democracy. I challenge everyone to make an example where the revised distribution and distribution of winning jackpots is not suitable.

So, where are all lottery jackpots? Now, you must know, they are in a bell curve.